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Report on the Update of the Winfield Park HOA Owners/Residents List: Your HOA Board has nearly completed the process of updating the Winfield Park HOA Owners/Residents list. The intent of updating the list was to make it a viable means of communication for the HOA Board with the Winfield Park community. The update occurred through three emailings, beginning 24 June 2022 and concluding 18 July 2022.  The response rate was 31%. Email addressees who did not respond to the series of emails, please contact the HOA Secretary (webmaster) and confirm your email address. If you opt not to, depending on how your account is configured, you may be deleted from our holdings, which will result in your having to re-register to maintain access to the HOA website with resident privileges.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this effort. Please contact the HOA webmaster for any questions you may have concerning this effort.

MAKING HOME IMPROVEMENTS? If you are contemplating making an exterior improvement to your home or have changes you would like to make in your property's landscaping, please be mindful that the Winfield Park Homeowners' Association has developed procedures that are important for you to follow. These measures are in place to ensure that all the homeowner properties in Winfield Park contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of our community and help to maintain our property values. Please refer to the menu tab above -- "HOA DOCUMENTS or ARC REQUESTS" -- to learn more about this process. Thank you!

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